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Frequently Asked Questions

My medicine has just expired, can I still take it? 
 No you may not. If your medicine has reached its expiry date, please DO NOT take it. Also do not dispose of it in the trash, please take it to your nearest pharmacy. 

The expiry date on a medicine is the manufacturer's guarantee of quality up to a certain time period. Like food, medicines also "go bad", that is, they degrade. It is therefore not safe to use a medicine after it has expired. In some cases, the degrading can lead to the formation of toxic substances, so it is always important to take note of the expiry date. In some cases, though there are no harmful substances formed, the levels of the active component of the medicine will have been reduced to an extent that the medicine no longer works. By taking an expired medicine, you can possibly delay much-needed treatment, resulting in your condition getting worse.
 The manufacturers of medicines take time to study their products and prove the time over which the medicine will remain useful. This information is what they base the expiry date on.