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Society Objects and Guiding Principles

The world over, people involved in differing occupations, enterprises and projects are inclined to group themselves together and this is particularly so when considering the many professions and trades that people of all disciplines find themselves involved in. Not least among these is the profession of Pharmacy.

Through its founding members, the following object were set which continue to guide daily practice for all members of the Society:

  • Promoting the work and obligations of the profession;
  • Encouraging goodwill among Pharmacists and members of allied professions;
  • Setting standards of practice and subscribing to an ethical code;
  • Broadening and increasing knowledge of the art and science of Pharmacy both within and outside the profession; and
  • Monitoring and advising on Pharmacy training and encouraging students and post-graduate young pharmacists in the ways and mysteries of Pharmacy

The Society works hand-in-hand with its local and other regulatory bodies to ensure these object are upheld, thus ensuring the good health of the nation through quality service provision. This is done through continued collaboration and integration with the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ), and the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe (PCZ).

Over the years, members have received support and guidance in their respective areas of practice the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Society is also guided in international practice through its membership and affiliation to other regional and international bodies such as the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), the International Federation of Pharmaceutics (FIP), the African Pharmaceutical Forum (APF) and the Southern African Development Committee  (SADC) Pharmaceutical component.